30 Days of JavaScript

I was first introduced to Javascript back in 2007 for one of my Web Development class. By any standards that was late and even then I wasn't much interested in learning it.

Things changed when I chanced upon JQuery. For me it was that easy way out which I was always searching for. Even though I could write JS code, it was bad and many a times I would resort to JQuery.

I could say things have changed for better now and these days I could write far better JS code. And in order to make myself a better programmer, I have decided to finally take a plunge and dedicate this whole month in learning pure JavaScript.

I'll be going along the following route -

I know a month is long time to devote to JS, but my plan is to devote enough time to not miss on any concepts and I'd be trying to cram in JQuery and probably Node.js

If all goes well next month it is Meteor.js

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